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Solar Installation Company


Safeguard your budget against rising power rates with clean, sustainable solar energy. Take advantage of solar power with help from a trusted solar installation company in Tri-Cities. Ellensburg Solar designs, installs, upgrades, and maintains solar systems in Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland. We offer a variety of state-of-the-art solar energy systems to meet your specific residential or commercial needs.


Residential and Commercial Solar Installation


Our full-service solar company handles everything in-house to simplify and streamline the solar installation process. We have the skills to integrate solar panels into your new building plans or retrofit your existing dwelling, assessing your space and power usage to determine the ideal residential or commercial solar setup. We install high quality solar systems from industry-leading manufacturers at competitive prices, including:


· Ground solar systems

· Roof solar systems

· Solar inverters

· Solar battery systems

· On and off-grid solar systems

Your project estimate includes everything in the solar installation process, from permitting to solar power installation and operational instructions. Our online reviews and customer testimonials showcase our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


Why Choose Solar Energy?


Incorporating solar power into your Kennewick, Pasco, or Richland home or business offers many advantages:


Solar power gives you more control over energy expenses

Well-designed solar systems from Ellensburg Solar can allow you to reduce or eliminate monthly energy costs. You can typically recoup your solar investment in 4-10 years, depending on site conditions.

Net metering can offset utility bills and solar system costs

Earn credits from your local utility company for excess, unused electricity generated by your solar system.

Solar panels increase property value

Studies show real estate featuring solar energy sells quickly and for more than comparable properties without a solar system installation.

Solar energy is a great way to achieve sustainability goals

Clean, renewable solar power produces no pollutants and reduces or eliminates the need for non-renewable ‘grid’ power from your local electric company. It’s a great way to offset your family’s carbon footprint or showcase your business’s commitment to sustainability.

Solar systems provide lasting, low-maintenance use

Solar setups in Tri-Cities require little maintenance – just keep your panels free of leaves, dirt, and soot. Panels offer a 25-year warranty, while systems typically last 30-50 years, offering an excellent return on investment.



Financing for Commercial and Residential Solar Systems


Would you like to switch to solar but have concerns surrounding affordability? Solar panel savings often outweigh costs. Talk to our solar financing experts about available solar incentives, including a 30% federal tax credit, sales tax exemption, net metering, and expensing and USDA grants for businesses in Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland. Financing typically costs less than monthly energy bills, including low-interest, low monthly payment options with zero-down terms available from Puget Sound Cooperative Credit.

Get Eco-Friendly Solar Power in Tri-Cities

Start saving with solar panels in Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland from Ellensburg Solar. Contact our solar installation company at 509-929-2728 for a complimentary quote on a residential or commercial solar system in the Tri-Cities today.

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