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Frequently Asked Questions

The Cost

  • How much does it cost to add solar to my home or business?
    It depends on how much your electricity usage is. Send us a utility bill and we can tell you how many panels you will need to make your bill net zero!
  • Is there financing available?
    Yes! We work with Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union who has low interest rates and no interest, no payments for 90 days! Click on the link below to see if you're pre approved. Click Here
  • What are the current incentives available to me if I go solar?
    In Washington State, there is zero sales tax on any solar installation meaning you automatic save anywhere from 8%-10%. The Federal Income Tax incentive is available to anyone who pays federal taxes or has a tax liability. It's 30% of the total cost of your solar system.
  • How will this affect my property value?
    Studies have shown that houses with solar panels sell quickly and for more than asking. This allows the new homeowner to potentially spend more if the energy bills are less or net zero.

Did you get your questions answered? If not be sure to contact us and we will be happy to help!

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