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Solar System Health Check

Solar System Health Check

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Health Inspection of your roof mounted or ground mounted solar system

Keep your investment tuned up and running at its best with our yearly health inspection of your solar panel system. Consider it like a car tune-up or even a physical for your investment. This is an inexpensive insurance policy for your investment and we can troubleshoot any potential problems that may arise to your system.

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What is included with your health inspection

  • System Performance: We will check the accuracy of Inverter readings compared with the original design summary that we recorded at the time of your install.

  • Inverter: Update, Check and secure connections of DC & AC plugs. We do a thorough inspection of your inverter and make certain that it is performing as expected and checking connections and making adjustments as needed.

  • Wiring & connections: Inspect circuit breaker / Isolator enclosures ensuring fittings & connections are tight and sealed as required. Inspecting the connection between the main service and inverters.

  • Visual panel check: Verify that there are no visual defects that may affect the performance of your system. Your panels are the bread and butter of your system. We will inspect them and make sure that they are operating as planned and in good shape.

  • Mounting Structure: Verify tightness and integrity of nuts & bolts. Overall inspection of the health of the support system.

  • Protective Devices: Verify operation of Circuit breakers and isolators. We will inspect and test the isolators and breakers to ensure they are performing the way they were designed to do.

  • Inspection of Monitoring Equipment: Set up monitoring if applicable.

The Health Check will get you a 15% off of any other labor that you will require for the year in the event that something does come up after the inspection.


  • $199.00 For the inspection for the year.

  • 15% off any other labor that you will require for the rest of the year.